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Support-Useful links for organizations

American Classical League

American Philological Association


Detroit Classical Association: Contact: Nick Young at [email protected] or [email protected]

Medusa Mythology Exam

National Junior Classical League

Check out the online exams from NJCL: Etymology, Roman Civilization, Vocabulary

National Latin Exam

How does MCC fit into the overall picture of Classics?

Concept of a state Classical Conference

Michigan Classical Conference

Connects with

To share and disseminate information

National levels                                                                 Local

levels             ACL                                                                           MJCL 

 NJCL                                                                          DCA 

CAMWS                          other regional

Other near states

American Academy

Rome                                            American School of Classical. Studies,

Athens and College year in Athens

Spread the News

 College and school events Of interest

Teacher resources

Teacher recruitment


News about grants and scholarships

Promote on a state level for education in general

Classics in particular.

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